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kinder team
Mrs. Calder (Room 1)
Mrs. Megerian (Room 2)

Card IconFirst GradeTop of Page

Ms. Loken 
Ms. Brito

Card IconSecond GradeTop of Page

Ms. Keedy (Room 14)
Ms. Minter  (Room 15)

Card IconThird GradeTop of Page

Ms. Howard (Room 16)
Ms. Hickey (Room 20)
Ms. Rodriguez (Room 19)

Card IconFourth GradeTop of Page

Ms. Choi (Room 18)
Ms. Belzer (room 22)

Card Icon4/5 combo classTop of Page

Mr. Moreno (Room 23)

Card IconFifth GradeTop of Page

Ms. Winter (Room 21)
Ms. Medeiros (Room 24)

Card IconSpecialsTop of Page

Music - Ms. Case (Room 5)
Art - Ms. Brown (Room 7)
PE - Coach Diaz

Card IconIntegrated ServicesTop of Page

Ms. Dayton - IS Teacher
Ms. Maningding- IS Teacher
Ms. Flores - Speech Pathologist
Mrs. Shelley
Mrs. Hoefer